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Site licenses

Step 1

Calculate the license fee which is based on the number of concurrent users in your organization (the site license does NOT allow you to give access to users outside your organization):

Number of concurrent usersCalulation methodLicense fee
2-32 x standard feeUSD49.90
4-53.5 x standard feeUSD87.33
6-105 x standard feeUSD124.75
11-156.5 x standard feeUSD162.12
16-208 x standard feeUSD199.60
21-309.5 x standard feeUSD237.03
31-5012 x standard feeUSD299.40
51-10015.5 x standard feeUSD386.73

Step 2

Click the button below to pay with PayPal. You need to enter the amount you calculated above: