IT Governance by Examples (based on Cobit 4.1)

How to maximize the value of IT to your company?

If you're a CIO or an IT manager who would like to maximize the value of IT to your company, then this book is for you. It explains a framework of the bst practices (Cobit) for IT to strategically align with the business, to deliver business values at low costs with low risks, using concrete and easy-to-understand examples.

Why should you choose this book?

  • It uses concrete examples to demonstrate the true meaning of the abstract concepts.
  • It is concise. There is no lengthy, abstract description.
  • The first two chapters are freely available here on You can judge it yourself.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Strategic IT Planning

Chapter 2 Defining Information Architecture

Chapter 3 Determining Technological Direction

Chapter 4 Defining IT Processes

Chapter 5 Defining IT Organization and Relationships

Chapter 6 Managing IT Investments

Chapter 7 Communicating Management Aims and Direction

Chapter 8 Managing IT Human Resources

Chapter 9 Managing Quality

Chapter 10 Managing IT Risks

Chapter 11 Managing Projects

Chapter 12 Identifying Automated Solutions

Chapter 13 Acquiring and Maintaining Application Software

Chapter 14 Acquiring and Maintaining Technology Infrastructure

Chapter 15 Enabling Operation and Use

Chapter 16 Procuring IT Resources

Chapter 17 Managing Changes

Chapter 18 Installing and Accrediting Solutions and Changes

Chapter 19 Defining and Managing Service Levels

Chapter 20 Managing Third Party Services

Chapter 21 Managing Performance and Capacity

Chapter 22 Ensuring Continuous Services

Chapter 23 Ensuring Systems Security

Chapter 24 Identifying and Allocating Costs

Chapter 25 Educating and Training Users

Chapter 26 Managing Service Desk and Incidents

Chapter 27 Managing the Configuration

Chapter 28 Managing Problems

Chapter 29 Managing Data

Chapter 30 Managing the Physical Environment

Chapter 31 Managing Operations

Chapter 32 Monitoring and Evaluating IT Performance

Chapter 33 Monitoring and Evaluating Internal Controls

Chapter 34 Ensuring Compliance with External Requirements

Chapter 35 Providing IT Governance

A more detailed TOC is here

Target audience and prerequisites

This book is suitable for:
  • CIOs who would like to learn Cobit and/or to enhance their current governance framework with Cobit.
  • IT managers who would like to learn the best practices in IT governance to further advance their career.
  • IT team leaders who would like to learn the core concepts in IT management.
In order to understand what's in the book, you need to know the basic purposes of the common IT applications and technologies such as CRM, collaboration platform, e-learning, POS, Windows, Linux, OS, web server, database server, firewall, etc. You do NOT need to know any technical details. You do NOT need any formal management knowledge either.

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